This item has been sold. Silvertone Model L Model Thinline Hollow Body Electric Guitar, made by Harmony ‘s , made in Chicago, black lacquer finish, laminated maple body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, black gig bag case. One of the very best guitars ever sold through Sears-Roebuck, the Silvertone is both a sharp-looking and great-sounding guitar. These are the same units used on the contemporary Epiphone line, the only difference being a 3-and-3 staggered polepiece pattern as opposed to the straight line, probably to differentiate them visually rather than for any strictly musical reason. The odd-looking white plastic trapezoidal mounting bezels are also unique to this model. This combination of features makes for a very professional instrument for a Silvertone, and a guitar that has a justifiable reputation as arguably the finest Harmony-made electric guitar of the s. This one has no legible date codes Harmony sprayed black over their own factory stamps! The is often unofficially named for Chris Isaak, who was seen with one quite a bit — back before Harmony and Silvertone were considered “cool”!

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Last post I said goodbye to my Gibson LG-1 guitar. I sold it to a neighbor for their uncle. Stella and Harmony are both names of companies that closed their doors years ago. The original was owned by Sears for most of the time it operated.

Three part harmony vocals with fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar and double bass. Unfortunately there are no records or serial numbers to confirm dates or.

Featuring all-solid hand-carved tonewoods, the Professional mandolin has vintage sound and style that will impress Here for sale we have a lovely sounding and looking Collings MT Mandolin from This is just another example of Collings top notch work when it comes to esthetics This venerable Kay mandolin with built-in pickup hails from about From the gentle sunburst to the black box binding, this instrument screams vintage vibe. It has plenty of small This is a vintage Favilla Mandolin probably made in the s.

The neck appears to be Maple with a Rosewood board and the top is Spruce. Unlike Gibson, Martin did not start making carved-top mandolins until , and these lovely models, known for their sweet tone, lovely tops and beautifully flamed Maple back and sides We offer this vintage Harmony “Batwing” style H mandolin circa s.

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Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Harmony Date Codes and Serial Numbers There has been a conventional wisdom for the last several years as to how Harmony Date Coded their instruments and how they were read. The general thought that I have posted here in the past is that they were stamped with a letter that stood for the season the instrument was built Summer, Winter, Fall followed by the two digit year.

This convertible mandolin-shaped locket dates from the second quarter of the of love and harmony, as well as, though perhaps not intentionally, of Christmas.

Headstocks of US models also use the Gibson headstock shape. Like everything else connected to instrument identification issues — there are many exceptions. In general, higher model numbers meant more binding and ornament. Higher numbers also meant more money. No binding, no inlay and no decoration. It was available with a brown finish and came as a snakehead or paddle headstock.

Brown or black finish, some binding only on the top and in the soundhole with one ring around the soundhole.


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Mandolin Orange’s Emily Frantz discusses singing harmony, touring with a full band and creating an album that deals with grief.

Save Password. Just got this sweet Vintage Harmony H35 Batwing Mandolin at a thrift store and I was wondering if you had any information on this. I brought it into my local guitar shop and the tech said that it is weird because there are holes for a pickup which I know they had models with one but there are no screw holes where the pickup mounting ring screws in, also on the headstock there is no truss rod cover screw holes.

There is a number inside the F-Hole and it is H There is no other number anywhere in this unit as I have checked, even under the neck. Do you have any information on this neat mandolin? Especially what year it is? Nice find! Shame about the pickup being gone.

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See the new dating table below:. But they do know that the documentation was dated If I could find the now owner of this mandolin it could answer some questions about when H.

Restyled in the s with a bird resting on the mandolin and one flower on the hem of the angels gown. The large size (TW) Temporarily Withdrawn.

It is sort of a copy of and F-5, but it has a cutaway on the top and bottom. It really looks fancy and was top of the Harmony line. I have never seen another one like it. I know when I purchased it I had to buy a case for the F-5 Gibson because it would not fit into a regular case. It plays good, and has an excellent sound. It is sunburst finished and has inlays in the neck instead of the normal dot.

The headpiece is fashioned somewhat like a Gibson with the Harmony logo on top. It also has a nice pickguard with Harmony on it also. There is also a number 29 in quite large print. The description of your instrument matches mine, right down to the case. If I come up with anything I’ll send you a note. This one did not show up. I wonder if it was one of the last USA built instruments.

Hello Frank and Tom: I just came across your requests for model information on your Harmony Mandolins, which I believe are either H Harmony Baroque Model acostic mandolins, or the original H35 Harmony Electric mandolin Models, introduced in the late ‘s.

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Contributor: Mandolinman (Musical Group); Date: harmony mandolin ; Mike Sassano, mandola, mandocello, harmony mandolin.

A – If you’re a buyer, the value is the max price you are ready to pay to have it. If you’re a seller, the value is the minimum amount you accept to sell it.. You can check ebay for completed sales for the same model, but value on ebay is not value in a shop or elsewhere, for reasons. Outside of a completed transaction, value has no meaning, so please do not ask me to value your guitar. Please re-read above and you’ll have the answer. Harmony instruments were produced on an industrial scale.

Even the less common models can’t be considered “rare”. Remember that all Harmony made guitars this means all guitars on this website are still considered low grade instruments by most players and collectors, and can’t be compared in value to the “great” names as Gibson, Fender, Martin

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