League FinUniversity Alumni


Alma mater - Home Smithy financial elite staff of the country , it annually produces thousands of young professionals trained in promising and prestigious professions. To date, the number of graduates Finuniversiteta amount to hundreds of thousands of people.

Legendary path Financial University , known for its talented graduates began in the distant and rich history in 1917 the People's Commissariat of Finance then decided to create the first in Russia specialized financial university, which was opened March 2, 1919 and was named the Moscow Finance and Economics Institute of the People's Commissariat of Finance. MFEI created as a special institution for the scientific development of the financial and economic problems and for the training of financiers and economists .

In 1946 he teamed up with Moscow MFEI credit and economic institution established in 1931 Thus was born the Moscow Finance Institute, which in 1991 was transformed into the Finance Academy under the Government of Russia , and in 2010 - the Academy received university status .

In March 2014 the Financial University will celebrate its 95th anniversary in the new structure : In 2011 - 2012 our wonderful team of teachers and students replenished All-Russian Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute , Moscow State College of Information and Electronic Engineering, State University of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and the Russian State Tax Academy.

We are happy to recognize that members of our team graduates set themselves high goals and reaching them achieve great success . Our success - knowledge , effective communication and business opportunities offered by the professional environment and the relationship that emerged primarily for years of training at the institute.

Mission League

1. Strengthening corporate spirit Finuniversiteta and unity of all generations of graduates , promote their use in the professional field

2. Formation of a national professional financiers cluster

3. Promoting an innovative educational programs Finuniversiteta for its successful promotion of educational markets of the country